Friday, September 10, 2010

Winter is upon us.

So, you may have noticed the fall weather outside... which means winter is just around the bend.
Now, if you're like me and live in the Midwest you can expect gobs of snow/ice/SALT.
To protect your ride from the salt and sand on the roads I highly suggest doing the following things.

1. Goto my "How To" post from August and follow all the steps to have a protective layer of wax on your car.
2. Come time for it to actually snow, regularly take your car to the car wash (or wash it yourself if you have a garage)
3. Do step 2 at LEAST once every two weeks if you are driving in salt/sand daily.

Keep these steps up and it will save your vehicle from rotting away and rusting come time for fun weather, summer.

Interior How To coming soon...