Saturday, September 25, 2010

How To: Clear Headlights

This is actually a simple and easy How To.

So, your headlights are foggy or oxidized on the outside and it makes your whip look...dainty.
I'm going to explain two ways to get them clear (or clearer) than they are now.

Items Needed (Cheap/Short Term results):
Tooth PASTE (make sure it is paste not gel)
Cloth (Old t-shirt or something of the sort)
Muscles (you'll need some "elbow grease")

1. Simply get your toothpaste and apply a decent amount to the cloth.
2. Rub your lens in circular motions all around for a decent time.
3. Apply more paste if needed, if not rinse off paste with water.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 when needed

Now, for a more longer term fix...
Purchase a kit such as this:

1. Buy and follow the directions included.
2. See step 1.

If all else fails, buy a new headlight on eBay or something.



  1. Thank you man!!! I alwais have to pay 5 bucks to get mine cleaned!

  2. nice didn't know tooth paste could do that