Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Perfect Driving Food...

Everyone does it.
No matter how bad you want to deny it.
I'm curious to see what my follower's food of choice whilst driving is...

I would start a poll...but my polls have done terrible with you guys.

My vote goes to Taco Bell...
Easy, delicious, CHEAP.

Post your vote in the comments.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Caparo T1

After recently seeing an episode of Top Gear (which if you've never heard of it, it's a rather enjoyable show) I viewed a review of... the Caparo T1. Thought I'd share it's epicness with my followers.
Caparo T1

It's essentially a road legal Formula 1 car.
If you want to learn more check out Caparo's website here:

If you'd like to see the review I saw, and maybe get a glimpse into BBC's Top Gear, watch this Youtube link:

Sorry I haven't figured out how to embed Youtube on here...yet.
I know there is an option to share it via blogger but I'll continue to mess around with it.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

How To: Clear Headlights

This is actually a simple and easy How To.

So, your headlights are foggy or oxidized on the outside and it makes your whip look...dainty.
I'm going to explain two ways to get them clear (or clearer) than they are now.

Items Needed (Cheap/Short Term results):
Tooth PASTE (make sure it is paste not gel)
Cloth (Old t-shirt or something of the sort)
Muscles (you'll need some "elbow grease")

1. Simply get your toothpaste and apply a decent amount to the cloth.
2. Rub your lens in circular motions all around for a decent time.
3. Apply more paste if needed, if not rinse off paste with water.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 when needed

Now, for a more longer term fix...
Purchase a kit such as this:

1. Buy and follow the directions included.
2. See step 1.

If all else fails, buy a new headlight on eBay or something.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

How To: Change your own oil...

So, you want to man up and change your own oil eh?
Well, I am going to (attempt) to walk you through the process via words.

Items Needed:
Oil Filter (go to your local auto parts store and have them look it up on their computer for correct sizing)
CORRECT oil (see owner's manual for specific oil weight requirements and amount needed)
Rubber Gloves
Oil Catch Pan (can be purchased for around $15 or less if I recall correctly)
Wrench or Socket Set (this will be used to take off your oil drain plug)
Oil Filter Wrench (some cars have hard to reach oil filters, mine included...will get to that later on)
Hydraulic Jacks (unless the vehicle that you're going to be changing is a truck or high up etc.)
JACK STANDS (do NOT rely on the jacks alone to support your vehicle. It is very unsafe/reckless)

Optional but recommended items:
Paper towels
Purchase a GOOD oil filter (WIX is what I normally purchase)
Quality oil (Castrol, Mobil 1, Pennzoil)

I know the items required may seem like a lot, but once you've allotted them for later changes all you're going to need to buy are the oil and oil filter.
Now, for the steps:

1. Bring your vehicle up to temperature by driving around (maybe to purchase said items above).
2. Pull your vehicle to a level (preferred) surface and get all of your materials ready.
3. Using your owners manual, locate the specified jack points on your vehicle.
4. Put the vehicle in park (if automatic) AND make sure your emergency brake is on.
5. Jack up both sides of the front (or rear if the engine is in the rear) of the vehicle.
6. Place jack stands under a reliable point under the car (for example, the frame).
7. Get under car and locate your Oil Drain Plug, then figure out what wrench/socket will fit it.
8. Place your oil catch pan under where the oil will drain out (use some common sense here).
9. Put on your rubber gloves and proceed to loosen the oil drain plug with the wrench/socket
           CAUTION: The oil WILL be hot/warm if you had just been running the engine, be careful
10. Once the drain plug is loosened, make sure you take it all the way out AND HOLD ON TO IT, do not let it fall in the oil catch pan.
11. Let all of the oil drain out until there is just a very slow drip (maybe grab a drink or prepare other items)
          TIP: Remove your dipstick and Oil Cap on the topside of your engine for faster draining
12. Once all of the oil has drained, replace the oil drain plug (along with a new seal if required)
13. Locate Oil Filter and remove it, using paper towels to wipe up splatters on engine and etc.
14. Replace Oil Filter with your newly purchased one, but make sure you open one of your new quarts of oil and RUB A SMALL AMOUNT OF OIL ON THE RUBBER GASKET OF FILTER. 
15. Tighten the filter, don't go overboard I tighten mine hand tight and they do not leak.
16. Get your funnel (if you have one) and place it in the portion of your engine where you add oil.
17. Determine the specified amount of oil to add to your car and begin adding oil.
         TIP: If you are questioning the amount to add in, put a LITTLE less, adding is better than removing. 
18. Frequently check dipstick levels to ensure you're doing it right.
19. Once oil has been filled to the correct amount replace oil cap and dipstick.
20. Remove your jack STANDS then slowly let the car down off of the jacks.
21. Turn on car, let it run for about 5 minutes (making sure there are no warning lights etc) then check oil.
22. Check the oil level regularly for the next couple days to ensure proper amount.




Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So, you want a truck...for offroading?

Well, to make this post short and this video.

Yeah, I think you've found your truck.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Well, the votes (all 6 of them) are in...

And the winner is...Rap.
So you guys like to listen to rap? or at least three of you do.
I'm going to post a few videos of what I consider rap "driving music" (which is NOT gangsta rap, that will be another post if you want to kick your subs around a bit)
If it's popular I may do a genre specific "driving music post" more often.

here are some youtube videos that I really enjoy.
(Edit: Sorry, I guess I can't embed them here? I tried and the code didn't work...)

Symphonies - Dan Black and Kid CuDi

Say Yeah - Wiz Khalifa

Daydreamin' - Lupe Fiasco

Pursuit of Happiniess - Kid CuDi Ft. MGMT and Ratatat

LOL :-) - Trey Songz

Fun fact: I've seen Drake, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, Trey Songz, New Boyz, and Iyaz in concert before.

Enjoy and tell me what you think.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reposting one of my old posts to get some content for my new followers...

How To: Exterior Vehicle Care (Washing/Waxing/Claying)

Let me start off by saying if you do not have a decent amount of time (this usually takes me about 2 hours or more) you should probably just do what the rest of your peers do and take your car to a commercial washer. 

Now, if you actually care about your car, or want it to look pristine, you'll follow the steps I'm about to explain below. 
The first step of any "how to" is to locate all of the materials needed for the procedure. You're going to want to purchase the following:
(2) Buckets 
Now for the optional, and most time consuming, products:
Clay bar (I prefer liquid because it's much faster) Turtle Wax T466 ICE Liquid Clay Bar - 16 oz.
Microfiber Towels(you may need more than 2) Turtle Wax TW45203 ICE Microfiber MAX Detailing Cloth - Pack of 2
(These are the products I use, you're not limited to them, but this is what I've found works best)

Now that you've allotted all of your items we'll get into the steps... 
1. Pull your car into a shady area (Or garage with a drain if possible)
2. Rinse your car off REALLY well, get all loose dirt completely off
3. Get your two buckets mentioned earlier and pour about a three inch diameter circle of soap in the bottom of one.
4. Fill both with water (you should have one with soap and one with just water)
5. Get your wash mitt and dip it in the soapy bucket (squeezing it tight before dipping to maximize withdraw)
6. Begin scrubbing the car with the mitt, but the trick is GO WITH THE WAY THE AIR HITS THE CAR.
7. You should be going in a back and forth motion with the aerodynamics of the car (this avoids swirl marks) then RINSE occasionally in the all water bucket by squeezing tight inside the all water and repeating step 5.
8. Do steps 6 and 7 to the entire car and make sure all dirt, road grime, bugs, etc. are completely off of car.
9. Use the wheel/tire cleaner at this point and Rinse car thoroughly to remove ALL soap suds. 
10. Get your liquid clay (or regular clay if you prefer it) and follow the directions on the label. 
11. Once you've clayed your entire vehicle (rinse it off THROUGHLY if it's liquid clay scrubbing all areas with your hand while spraying water)
12. Dry the car off well and make the strokes in the direction the airflow goes when driving. 
13. Get your microfiber towels and wax ready.
14. If you bought the aforementioned kit of liquid wax it will have an applicator that you will use to apply the wax. 
15. Rub the wax into the car in small sections going with the airflow again to avoid swirl marks.
16. Let each section dry to a haze (as mentioned on the product's label) and wipe off WELL with microfiber cloth(s)
17. Once you've waxed the entire car make sure to go back over one last time checking for wax, it will harm your paint SEVERELY if left on in the sun/heat.
18. You're finally done. Take pictures of your new shine and take it for a well deserved drive!

I may put up an interior cleaning howto next. This is how I wash my cars and I get tons of compliments on how they look all the time. You'll be amazed at the results, especially if you have an older car. This didn't take as long to write as I expected it to...


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Polls close....tomorrow.

I expected at least 10 votes... but I guess not.

I wanted to make a post about MY favorite music in relation to what you guys vote for.
I guess it won't happen though...sigh.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Coolest thing I've seen in a while

Check it out


New poll GO VOTE!

Now, I know I have one hundred or so followers (most of which I don't know where they came from... Probably followed and forgot)
I'm asking everyone to take a vote on my poll.
Do you roll to Radar Love? Maybe Gin and Juice? MGMT? Country music? or maybe even Bach?

(if you answered classical you may want to check out

Happy Voting!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

In case you haven't noticed...

The side RSS feed from Jalponik has all kinds of cool posts all of the time related to cars.
Check it out --------->


Friday, September 10, 2010

Winter is upon us.

So, you may have noticed the fall weather outside... which means winter is just around the bend.
Now, if you're like me and live in the Midwest you can expect gobs of snow/ice/SALT.
To protect your ride from the salt and sand on the roads I highly suggest doing the following things.

1. Goto my "How To" post from August and follow all the steps to have a protective layer of wax on your car.
2. Come time for it to actually snow, regularly take your car to the car wash (or wash it yourself if you have a garage)
3. Do step 2 at LEAST once every two weeks if you are driving in salt/sand daily.

Keep these steps up and it will save your vehicle from rotting away and rusting come time for fun weather, summer.

Interior How To coming soon...


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So, you have $5,000 and you want to buy a car?

Sorry I haven't had an update in a while guys, I've been busy with the cars of my own.
Now that I actually have some free time, I thought I'd make a post for all of the people wondering "what car iz gud?"
Now, everything in this post is subject to my opinion...but I feel my opinion is decent (also opinion).

I will break up cars by application and the prices for the cars in each category by application.

Rear Wheel Drive (better yet, "Sports") cars:
Third Generation Chevrolet Camaro

300zx (although, hard to find maybe)

Fourth Gen Mustang (GT of course)

Mazda Miata A real mans car. 


Mitsubishi OZ Rally Edition Lancer

Maybe a Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T, Dodge Stealth R/T, Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4, Various Subarus...

But wait, where is FWD?
Do yourself a favor, DON'T buy a FWD... 
Now, maybe you have a better idea of something "fun" in your price range.
More posts coming soon when I get the time. 


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Today has given me an idea for a post.

So today I saw a few nice cars that gave me the idea to post a car review, or more of a suggestion guide, for cars for the mid-life guy who wants a good time, cars for school, and maybe various "CARS FOR X PURPOSE."

Keep an eye out.