Monday, August 30, 2010

If anyone wants it...

I'll compile a How-To for the interior cleaning of your car...
Similar to the exterior How-To listed below.
It took a while to write the last one and I don't know if anyone has actually used it so I am debating on whether it is a waste of time to do an interior version.

Anyone interested?



  1. Uh...what are we talking about cleaning? Because if it is about that one night...that hooker was dead before she got in my trunk.

  2. Funny.
    but to remove blood stains use 1/4 bleach 3/4 water in my experiences...

  3. I spill popcorn.

    A lot of popcorn.

    Any reccommendations?

  4. Shopvac.
    Turtle Wax Ice Interior to remove all of the butter and salt you PILED on it.
    Maybe air freshener to remove that fresh popcorn smell.