Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chevrolet Cruze. My opinion...

For those of you that don't know, Chevrolet is coming out with a new vehicle dubbed "Cruze" in 2011.

I think it's great that Chevy is getting back on it's feet and recognizing that people want, and some can only afford, a cheap vehicle.
The Cobalt fits this description well but they needed a new vehicle, one that isn't built cheaply on the interior, one that families can afford, one that looks good and has all the "whirligigs" of todays tech.
So they built the Cruze
As you can see here the Cruze's interior is actually quite nice for the price,  starting at just $16,995, the exterior is what one would expect; it looks like an economy sedan. 
One thing I will mention though, it frustrates the crap out of me that GM reuses steering wheels on multiple cars.
The $100k ZR1 has the same steering wheel as the Cobalt... and it looks like the Cruze shares it's steering wheel with the new Camaro.

The Camaro seems to be doing well, and unfortunately becoming overplayed since every time I go anywhere I see one now, but it's nice that potentially in the future it will be known as the car that "saved" GM. 

I'll be interested to see what the Cruze has to offer and will probably take one for a test drive just for giggles. 



  1. hopefully it doesn't shit out too quickly, i plan on buying one

  2. You should post some pictures of the Cruze bro.

  3. Glad to hear some feedback. Next review will include pictures.

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